Varanasi is older than Babylon, older than legends. It is the center of the world for the Hindu religion. A city that holds three names, one being the city of the dead. The streets of Varanasi hold magical chaos and wonder. It is a place that will test you and give opportunity to make visual compositions in this most ancient city of cities.
Varanasi has been a place of photographic pilgrimage for Pavlo over the past 30 years; this experience has given him considerable insight and knowledge of its streets and its people.
A non theoretical approach to street photography. This is a hands on method to start your own journey towards a higher level of photography. You will be taught to overcome your inhibitions of pointing your camera towards people on the street.

Burning Ghat Varanasi 2018
Varanasi is the Mecca of street life, thus you will learn to compose classical street scenes. Most importantly it will allow you to practice on the street without being noticed. This is due to its chaos as well as the people's acceptance towards foreigners and their forgiving nature.

Pavlos Kozalidis was born in the port city of Piraeus Greece.  He spent his childhood years between Greece and North America.  In the late 1980's Pavlo began his photographic journey. Starting in far East Asia. He has been photographing for the past thirty years throughout Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
He has a classical approach to photography, rarely disturbing the scene, striving to keep a balance between his emotion and the composition of his frame. He offers us optimistic images which are not only visually pleasing but also thought provoking.

Exhibitions and works:
Benaki Museum of Athens: Searching for a lost homeland. see gallery here
Library of Patra
FotoArtFestival Poland
Museum of Modern Art in Cairo
Visiting Lecturer at:
Leica Academy Athens
Athens School of Arts
Cairo School of Arts
Alexandria School of Arts
Portfolio can viewed upon request.
Wedding parade celebration Varanasi 2018
Where. Varanasi. India
Participants: 5-7 people. (limited places)
Accomodation & Living:
"Shivakashi" is a guesthouse which Pavlo has used for the past ten years. Food & accomodation should not exceed fifteen Euros per day.  Please note the living and travelling expenses are not included and each participant may choose other lodging based on their own preferences. 
Extending the stay is also possible upon request.

Day 1: Group Introductions followed by a showcasing of each person's portfolio of 25-30 images.   Afternoon will include a practical how-to on the street which will end with a walk of the area.
Days 2-10 Shooting from sunrise to sunset in selective areas. Each participant will have a personal walkabout with Pavlo to observe how he approaches scenes and situations, where he will also guide your personal development.
There will be evening reviews of 10-20 selected photos of the day from participants, as well as evening walks for those interested in night-time photography.
You will also be taught ways of keeping healthy in terms of what not to eat and what not to drink, keeping safe at all times as well as doing your best to operate on a small budget. 
In return giving you much more time in the place(s) that you have chosen to work in the future. 
Female participants please note:
India has become a very trying place for lone travelling females. This a good opportunity to be safe as well as to improve your photographic skills. All through the workshop you will be escorted when needed by either Pavlo or his assistant. You will also be given advice on how to minimise any potential difficulties you might face.  Pavlo will also be available prior to departure to answer any questions you have regarding the expedition. You will be safe if you follow a dress code and a few practical rules.

Your own camera equipment.  
Before the scheduled trip there will be one or two online meetings to explain what to bring and what is easily available in Varanasi. Meaning your bag will be less heavy. 
It is recommended  that you have appropriate travel insurance for your time overseas.

Important contact information: 
Luca Bogo: (Pavlo's assistant) 
WhatsApp/Cell Phone +46721555118
Pavlos Kozalidis: 
WhatsApp/Cell Phone +306983247956

Copyright of all imagery presented is property of Pavlos Kozalidis and may not be reproduced or used for any purpose whatsoever without express written permission by the copyright holder.
 Celebration in Muslim quarter of Varanasi 2018
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